Polling Places for the November 3, 2020 General Election

Please click here to find your Municipal Polling place.  It may be different than in past years!

Please note THERE WILL BE NO MACHINE VOTING IN THIS ELECTION!!!  You can bring the ballot we sent you in the mail to your polling place on Election Day and hand it to a poll worker.  It will still be considered a Mail-In Ballot and will go in to be counted the next day.  If you come to your polling place on election day without the ballot we sent you in the mail, you will be given a paper Provisional Ballot, that looks identical to the ballot you were mailed, and you will be required to fill out additional paperwork including an affirmation statement.  Provisional ballots will not start to be counted until at least 8 days after the election.

If you are a voter with a disability who cannot vote on paper please either contact the County Clerk's office at 908-475-6211 or the Board of Elections at 908-475-6313 in advance of the election or go to your municipal polling place on election day where you will be provided with an accessible ballot on which to vote.