In Lieu of Sample Ballots for Primary Election Mailed out: See text for details

Official Results - 2020 Primary

Click here to get the OFFICIAL results for the 2020 Primary.  This report includes all Mail-In and Provisional Ballots. 


The five secure ballot drop boxes have been installed.  They are emptied once a day by an authorized election official.  They are on constant video surveillance and it is a felony to tamper with them in any manner.  They are located at:

  • Belvidere Municipal Building - 691 Water Street, Belvidere, NJ  07823
  • Blairstown Municipal Building - 106 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ  07825
  • Hackettstown Municipal Building - 215 Stiger Street, Hackettstown, NJ  07840
  • Lopatcong Municipal Building - 232 South Third St., Morris Park, Lopatcong, NJ  08865
  • Washington Township Municipal Building - 211 Route 31 North, Washington, NJ  07882



Click here to see a 5 minute video on how to vote by mail.  Any questions, please contact our office at 908-475-6211 or email us a

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